Succession Planning

Consider your successful succession plan


How’s business?

It’s a common enough question to which a canned answer is usually sufficient. And why not? You may be pleased with the growth and retention of your client base. Production is meeting goals. Systems are humming along.

But how will business be when you retire or should something unexpected occur? A succession plan can help you prepare for almost all future scenarios so that your practice continues as desired, heirs are provided for, and clients’ financial futures are placed safely in the hands of an advisor you trust.

Succession Planning at Waddell & Reed

As a financial advisor at Waddell & Reed, you will have access to resources and subject matter experts who will help you develop a succession strategy that gives you peace of mind. Intrigued? We would be happy to discuss succession planning and other resources available through our dedicated practice development team. In the meantime, we've found David Grau's book to be a good read on the topic. We think you will too. 

Recommended Reading

Succession Planning for Financial Advisors: Building an Enduring Business by David Grau.

Contact our recruiting team to discuss succession planning and your potential future at Waddell & Reed.

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