Be a Leader

Be a leader without being a boss


Leaders are everywhere. And guess what? Many of them are the boss of no one. They’re individual contributors, teachers, volunteers, students. And they’re financial advisors.

It all makes perfect sense. Certain natural leadership characteristics have proven rewarding as you manage a practice, communicate complex concepts, present impactful seminars, build a client list, and perform other practice-related activities. Are you a patient listener? Will you go out on a limb to try something new? Are you a great communicator? Your role as a leader weaves together a variety of noteworthy attributes.

Take a look at a list of 10 such attributes from Inc. Magazine and see how you stack up against it.

Communicate clearly. Say what you mean. Be clear. Be understandable.

Learn flexibility. Stay open to possibilities. Rarely are there “right” ways to do something. Just different ways.

Don’t be a doormat. Kindly and with conviction stand up for yourself and make your voice heard.

Help others. Experience the reward of personal success when you help others succeed.

Take responsibility for your mistakes. Own your mistakes and aspire to fix your errors.

Listen to others’ ideas. Don’t cut people off. Wait your turn and listen before speaking.

Take risks. Evaluate a situation then take the risk. You may win, you may fail. Either way, you’ll learn something valuable.

Network. Make connections and network to help others as well as yourself.

Develop a thick skin. Shake it off when others treat you poorly, and don’t jump to unjust conclusions.

Don’t ask for special treatment. And don’t expect exceptions to rules. When you earn it, you’ll likely receive the special treatment due to you.

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