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6 ways a blog helps build your business


Kristy Vetter, Senior Consultant – Internal Practice Development

Great Practice Solutions

Prospects and clients may visit your website to understand the financial solutions you offer, view your mission and vision, see the size of your business, even see what you look like (seriously!). Often, however, they’re also looking for educational information and realistic examples of how you can help. A blog is an ideal way to deliver this content, giving you a venue to:

  1. “Talk” through scenarios

People don't want to feel alone in their financial issues. They want to know that you have dealt with similar circumstances. And, they want to know you will not judge their financial situation. Describe short, hypothetical scenarios that discuss the challenges a prospect may face and the steps you would consider to help them pursue their financial goals. Scenarios might include:

      • Developing a plan that includes life-long provisions for a special need’s child
      • Helping a widow develop a budget and a system for paying bills
      • Balancing multiple goals such as saving for college and retirement
      • Developing a plan to leave money for heirs
      • Circumstances where someone didn’t stick to the plan and the impact of their choices

    Providing insight about your approach, strategies and processes is key.

  1. Establish expertise

Your blog is a good place to share your expertise on general financial information and your personal niches. Populate it with relevant and frequent posts, and drive clients and prospects there using social media.

  1. Make it tangible

People look to you for clarity and solutions to their financial concerns and challenges. Use your blog to provide examples and share insights. Write with authority, but avoid complicated, technical language so your posts are relatable and real.

  1. Express yourself

Blog posts don't have to be all about financial topics. Include some posts that share fun, interesting information about you such as family, hobbies, philanthropic involvement, volunteer events and travel.

  1. Provide insight to common challenges and questions

As you talk to people about their financial challenges, keep a list of common topics. When you’re ready to write, choose from this list so that you’re providing the most relevant content, addressing real questions, building your expertise and offering possible solutions to consider.

  1. Respond quickly during volatile markets

Use your blog to respond quickly when markets shift or national/international events have occurred, and provide a calm and reassuring perspective.

Build your business with a blog.

Blogging can help you reach prospects while providing a constant stream of communication to clients. Find out more through our Great Practice Solutions program.

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