Manage your money, manage your life. 


The five basics of financial literacy

Don’t know your financial ABCs? Get financially literate with a little help from Waddell & Reed Insights.

Missing a retirement account?

Given the changes to retirement plans over the last 30 years and the increased frequency of job change among workers, losing track of an employer-sponsored retirement plan can be more common than you might think.

Don't be your own worst enemy

Are your emotions and biases keeping you from making sound investment choices? Waddell & Reed Insights explains why.

How credit can determine your financial health

You may use credit cards daily as a primary means to pay for goods and services. But do you know how it affects your overall financial health? It’s important to understand how credit works and when it may make sense to utilize it.

10 tips to master personal finance

Personal finance is an important, and sometimes tricky, subject. There’s more to know than the average credit-card-swiping, online-bank-account-monitoring, stock-market-checking individual can keep track of. We’ve put together some of the top tips and best practices to help navigate your personal finances.

A penny saved is two pennies earned

Heating and cooling bills wreaking havoc with your monthly budget? An energy audit may help you get your financial life in order. Learn more.